Shah Rukh Khan + rain/ water

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RA.ONE (2011) - You asked me once if angels exist. Now I know that they do.

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kuch kuch hota hai + green

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"The media is getting too success-oriented. It´s a scramble among the media to be the first ones to declare this or that. They just go overboard…. There is not one week which goes by without a discussion who is at the top and who is not." (April 1997)

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This week on Jhalak promises to be a mad fun, with Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapoor in attendance, and Karan getting jiggy with Madhuri again

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DON 2 (2011) - (I want you to believe that this change of heart isn’t an act…) The fact is I’m tired of my life. Now I loathe people like Vardhaan and Coogan. I want to be free from them and the law. I want to be a free man. Please, Roma, forgive me…

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Hum apke hain kaun !


Hum apke hain kaun !